How to make your Crowdfunding Campaign interesting for your backers

CrowdAttracting a traffic to your fundraising campaign is considered to be one of the most difficult task. It is not as simple as posting your campaign online, tell it to your friends, and expecting to get a million hits the next day. Getting fast and big traffic requires hard work and technique. So for you to get the target number of audience and backer, here are some useful and important tips that we finds useful, but may not be necessary for all, mix it with your own ideas.

When It Comes to Video Makingcrowdfunding video

  • Don’t make the video to long, I would say 3-4 minutes long is enough. The reason behind the time is because our attention tends to drift after a while. In most cases I find myself losing interest half way trough a 6-8 minute video.
  • Learn to play with different camera angles and change it once in a while. It makes the video more interesting.
  • Don’t focus the entire video on the product. You should include the vision and goals you have behind the product and the project you are working. Share your insights so you are not only attracting their eyes, but also their hearts and mind.
  • State the benefits that the backers can get once they commit to the product. This one is very much important because the video is all about attracting the backers.

The Essentials in Copy Writing
When it comes to copy writing, use headlines and subtopics to break up texts. A screen with nothing but long paragraphs is really boring and not catchy. That is why you should use interesting headlines or subheadings that will summarize the message of the entire paragraph. Speaking of paragraphs, it is really important to keep them short and simple.

For your target viewers to not get bored and keep reading, you should be able to come up with short paragraphs but does not sacrifice the message it conveys at the same time. You can highlight important points or state things in bullets. You can read your campaign out loud when done so you may know the things that does not sound good and need revision. Do not hesitate to use pictures and write in italics or bold. Bold and italic emphasize important points that is why the reader will know to stress them out. Lastly, make sure to include the call-to-action at the end. Keep in mind that there are readers out there who only read the first and last section of the reading.

The Role of Rewardscrowdfunding rewards

  • Consider low reward- tier. Keep in mind the small time backers who might want to help you out and support you but expected a reward in return. Everything is better then nothing.
  • You can provide early-bird specials to reward backers who commit early to your project. Nowadays, most people do not simply do things without something in return. So by creating special treats mean attracting more willing backers to pledge early may create a hype around your project.
  • Know to separate your market. Know the motives behind each backer and how they might be able helping you. There are backers who want purely to support while there are others who want to participate in the product.
  • Make sure to involve your backer in the creative process of your project. One way to secure the backers is to make them feel as if they are really part of the project. That is why sharing plans with them and updating them with the latest news about the project is important.
  • Learn to play with rewards. Provide a token that will recognize the participation of each and every backer who commit.

These things might be simple and easy, but the truth is, it is very hard to come up with a particular idea that sums up your purpose, especially to put things into action.
We at Platinum Metrics hopes that these tips can help and take you one step closer to your goal.